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cactus cushion with tassle detail

Meri Meri
Cactus cushion with tassle detail, the most adorable décor idea for a child's bedroom or playroom. Cacti aren't normally associated with comfort but this knitted cactus cushion is definitely an exception to the rule. Made from the softest organic cotton with green stripes and cheery green tassle flowers it's perfect to snuggle up with, adding a pop of fun...

Meri Meri - List of products by brand

When Meri Meri first began, it was just me, my kitchen table, a bunch of cards and a huge pot of glitter. These days, I’m lucky enough to work with an incredibly talented group of designers and artworkers in our Cheltenham studio.

We’ve had a lot of success and a lot of growth over the past 35 years, which can be put down to two main things. First, we’ve been gifted with a close eye for trends and market patterns, allowing us to keep our fingers on the pulse and our products front and center. Second, and most importantly, we operate not so much as a business, but as a design studio, a network of creatives with one key mantra.

We believe in childhood.

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