Toys That Help Children Learn to Speak – Part 2

What better inspires children to use their imaginations than playing with toys?  Well, very little.  And, as we discussed in Part 1 of this look at helping children learn to speak through toys, imaginative play is excellent for speech development.

So, if imaginative play is good for developing speech, what sorts of toys are best for inspiring the imagination?  Broadly speaking, any toys that don’t do too much for the children are great.  But, to be a little more specific, we’d like to use a few items from our fantastic range of Le Toy Van wooden toys as examples.

Wooden Farm

Wooden Toys That Help Inspire Speech

Wooden toys are among the best you could possibly get for your children when it comes to speech development.  This is because they don’t have any bells and whistles, literally speaking.  Wooden toys mean that your children have to make the sounds, which gives them confidence in producing sounds during their formative years.

A great toy to start off with is the Bunny and Guinea Set from Le Toy Van, or perhaps the Wooden Farm Animals.  These are especially good for children that can’t yet speak because they only need simple sounds.  Your kids can get comfortable vocalising animal sounds (though the bunny might require extra imagination) before they move on to more complex words.

A nice toy to accompany the move from sounds to words is the Bertie’s Tractor Wooden Toy.  What is so great about this toy is that the tractor comes with a driver.  So, when your child is learning to speak, he or she can make the sounds of the tractor as it drives.  Then, moving forward, your child can start to speak as the driver.

Basically, any toy that requires your child to vocalise sounds or words is great for speech development.  For this reason, dolls are excellent toys.  Whether your child is pretending to be the doll’s voice, or is speaking to the doll, there is still speech happening.  And, if you can extend your child’s imagination to include new situations, you increase the learning.

Wooden Doll's House
A great way to do this is through accessories like doll’s houses.  By placing their dolls in houses, you can further your children’s learning of object names and words connected with situations outside of their normal imagination.

Items like the Sugar Plum Children’s Room are great because they help your little ones learn the names of real-life items that might be around them in their very own playrooms.

When it comes to furthering the learning, an item such as the Barbarossa Wooden Pirate Ship is brilliant.  With so much to play with on this fascinating ship, your kids will spend hours upon hours learning while having fun.  The same goes for the magnificent Excalibur Castle.

Excalibur Castle

Wooden Toys Inspire Speech through Fun

By having your children use their imaginations during play, you give them the best chance at becoming confident, competent little speakers.  And the best way to inspire imaginative play is through fun and exciting wooden toys, like the ones in the Le Toy Van collection.

So, to start your kids on the best path to speech development, please do get in touch with us and let us help you choose some fantastic toys for your tots.


The CT Team x

Storage Ideas for Your Kids’ Toys – Part 2

Toys are really important for your kids’ development.  But, mix children and toys and you get a mountain of clutter, whichever way you slice it.  Still, there’s no reason that the clutter has to take over your home.  With a few simple tips for toy storage, it is possible to maintain a sense of order in your house, and still be able to nurture the imaginations of your little darlings.

In Part 1 of this look at toy storage, we highlighted a few storage ideas available on Pinterest.  Now, let’s look at a few other toy storage ideas to keep you inspired.

4 More Creative Toy Storage Ideas

1.    Wall Baskets


Just because these baskets are made for attaching plants to your outside walls doesn’t mean that you have to use them exclusively for that purpose.  In fact, these baskets make for excellent toy storage.

This way, you can use the space on your walls to store your kids’ toys and keep the floor clear to use as actual play-space.

2.    Hanging Laundry Baskets

Again, these baskets might not have been made for this specific purpose, but they work fantastically well for toy storage.  By hanging these mesh baskets from your ceiling, you keep the floor clear.  And, as we all know, the floor is a major culprit for generating clutter.

These might not be able to support heavier toys.  But, if your child has a lot of dolls or stuffed toys, these baskets are perfect.  And, the fact that they are made of mesh means that you, or your child, can always find the right toy when you need it.

3.    Windowed Toy Bags


Speaking of being able to find the right toy at the right time, these windowed toy bags are an excellent idea.

The problem with traditional bags is that you never know what’s in them.  This means that you have to pull everything out just to find what you’re after, and you end up with a giant pile of clutter… once again!

But, with these, you can always find what you’re looking for.  And, if you’re handy with a sewing machine, they’re really easy to make.  You could use clear plastic for the window, or even mesh.

4.    Peg-Board Wall Storage


We tend to only use peg-board in our garages.  Why?  Perhaps because it’s not very pretty to look at.  But a coat of cheerful paint soon changes that.

With a tiny bit of sprucing up, a peg-board can be a great storage addition to your child’s room.  You’ll be surprised by the amount of things you can actually hang on it.  And, like the wall baskets and hanging laundry baskets, peg-board storage makes use of vertical space and leaves the floor clutter-free.

Here are some fun examples of pegboard decoration to inspire you.

More Space Means More Toys!

These storage ideas are simple, but they free up a surprisingly large amount of space.  But, that just means that you have an excuse to spoil your little ones with more goodies from our wide range of toys!

So, if you need help filling all of that extra room, or if you would just like to chat about some new ideas for toy storage, please do get in touch.


The CT Team x

Children’s Game Ideas for Your Next Car Journey – Part 2

In Part 1 of this look at family car journeys, we looked at a few fun things that you can do with your children in order to keep them occupied during long drives.  But, sometimes you just don’t have the time or resources to make car trip tickets or to go out and buy gloves and whiteboard markers for window drawings.

But, fortunately, all is not lost.  With a couple of games that require no accessories at all, and some wildly entertaining toys from our extensive collection, you’ll have no problem keeping your little ones entertained for the entire length of your journey.

Let’s start with the games:

Kids’ Games for Long Car Journeys

family in a car

1.    Guess the Character
This game is traditionally played by sticking a card with a famous name written on it to the player’s forehead, and the player has to guess the name by asking questions.  The rest of the players can only respond with yes/no answers.

However, with young children, it is fun to switch this around.  Have your child think of a famous character (from a nursery rhyme, cartoon, etc.) and then you ask questions.  Your child can only answer either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ until you guess the character.

2.    Fortunately, Unfortunately
A fun game to play with children is the fortunately, unfortunately game.  In this game, one person starts a story and then the next person adds to it, but starts the sentence with ‘unfortunately’.  The next player then continues the story, starting with ‘fortunately’.

You end up with a story chain like this: ‘I went for a walk yesterday.’  ‘Unfortunately it started to rain.’  ‘Fortunately, I had a raincoat with me.’  ‘Unfortunately, it was far too small and didn’t fit me.’

3.    Pub Sign Bingo
Split the car into two teams – those sitting on the left and those on the right.  Then, when you pass a pub sign, count the number of legs on the sign.  A hunter riding a horse, for example, would have six legs and would be a score of six.  If the pub is on the right side of the car when you pass, the team on the right gets the points and vice versa.

Fun Toys for Car Trips

As we mentioned in Part 1, toys are brilliant fun for car trips.  But, you don’t want too many parts as these can easily be lost.  This is why it is best to keep it relatively simple, toy-wise.

cowboy soft toy

Dolls and soft toys are excellent for this, as they don’t have any accessories.  Look at our collections from Alimrose Designs and Papo for some great examples of beautiful dolls.

Toy phones are also great for car trips, since they’re easy for your child to hang onto and allow you to join in the fun as the voice on the other end of the line.  The Hellophone from B Toys is excellent for the car.

And, if you don’t mind a bit of enjoyable commotion, toy musical instruments can keep your little ones entertained while inspiring their creativity.  There’s the Sevi wooden drum for the would-be percussionist, while the Moulin Roty children’s guitar brings some melody to the party.

child playing the guitar


 Make the Journey Part of the Fun

With these toys and some fun family games, the car trip doesn’t have to be something to get through before the holiday starts.  Instead, it can be a happy part of the holiday.

Be sure to get in touch with us before you leave so we can help you pick out the perfect toys for your car journey.  Happy travels!


The CT Team x


It’s been a busy few months at the CT boutique. We have been excitedly sourcing lots of wonderful new toys for 2017, viewing the new additions from our existing brands, and also looking at the development of two of our growing areas of the website: This year we plan to increase our range of Children’s furniture and baby gifts.

Our beautiful Incy Interiors Ellie crib will be joined by gun-metal and creamy white alternative. We are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Sybilla settee. A beautiful rose pink velvet children’s sofa, with a rose gold metal frame and feet. Incy Interiors also have a beautiful wooden range of children’s furniture. The Teeny cot is a best seller over in Australia and the US and we will be getting stock of this later in the year. It really is so hard to find high quality, designer, children’s furniture that is also unique within Europe and the UK. We are so proud to be able to offer Incy to this market.

white cot

When it comes to baby gifts and children’s decor we have some adorable new additions from Moulin Roty and Alimrose Designs. If you are looking for something a little extra special to welcome a precious new arrival, Alimrose and Moulin Roty are definitely worth a look. Soft snuggly baby comforters and soft toys are always a hit when it comes to newborn gifting. We love the little Moulin Roty tooth mouse too, which would make the perfect, thoughtful, gift for an older child who is about to loose their first tooth. You must also have a look at some of our pretty new Alimrose dolls. Lulu doll and Beatrice bunny are definitely worth a mention. Beatrice bunny would make the sweetest Easter baby gift!beatrie bunny We also have some new styles of baby ballerina dolls arriving in the next week or so. They are all suitable from birth.  In terms of children’s decor we have also been busy selecting some of the new range by Sebra Interior. Have you seen those wooden animal wall hooks? There will be some new hanging canopy’s from this Danish brand arriving very soon too. If you visit our page ‘What’s new’ you will find out what has been added so far.

In addition we will also be developing our range of role play toys. Traditional and wooden toys are the backbone of Cottage Toys and we will certainly not be letting this area of our boutique slide. We have several new wooden and wicker dolls prams already added to the site, including a brown version of our best selling grey wicker dolls pram. A beautiful wooden dolls high chair and the Sebra Interior wooden dolls crib is now available in both white and rose. Le Toy Van also have some really exciting new additions to their range of wooden toys. There is a chic new dolls house; Evergreen house is an open-plan style, designed with more modern architecture and comes complete with dolls house furniture making it a really easy dolls house purchase. Le Toy Van have also unveiled their ultimate new wooden play shop and cafe. It’s an adaption of the best selling Honeybee market stall, only bigger with lots of exciting extra to increase play value even further. This is coming to CT in April and we can’t and shop There is also going to be a Le Toy Van wooden shopping trolley to go with it, complete with a little hanging chalkboard for your little one to write their shopping list. The basket is canvas which is another sweet and unusual feature. The existing wooden food crates will still be available to go with the new shop. (There is also a new fresh meat crate being introduced.). Along with the wooden cash register and weighing scales. Old favourites such as John Crane and Hape Toys also have some cute new things that we will slowly be introducing as the year unfolds.

All in all it’s going to be a very exciting 2017 so make sure you are signed up to our newsletter to find out what and when all new additions are stocked so you don’t miss out!

Love, The Cottage Toys Team x

Storage Ideas for Your Kids’ Toys – Part 1

Dolls or toy cars are fantastic, but, put them in dollhouses or garages and the fun becomes spectacular.  Creating fantasy worlds is what toys are all about, and those worlds become that much more real when they’re accompanied by toy environments.

We have some of the finest accessories in the world with our wooden toy garage, castle, farm, and city sets.  These allow children to expand on the details of their imaginary worlds and nurture their creativity in the process.

But, as we all know, with fantastic toys comes great clutter.  Or, it does if you aren’t a storage hero.  So, to help you indulge your little ones in some of the best fun available and still be able to maintain a sense of order in the playroom, we have a few tips on toy storage for you.

Service station

Tips on Toy Storage

Fortunately, when it comes to storage heroics, you don’t need to be born with the genes.  There are countless parents that have gone before you and learned things the hard way, and are more than willing to offer toy storage tips.

If it’s inspiration you’re after, Pinterest has thousands of great ideas waiting for you.  But, to help get you on your way to a cleaner, tidier playroom, here are a few simple tips from us:

1.    Use Hanging Shoe Storage for Stuffed Toys
One thing is for sure; when you choose to create a pile of stuffed toys, that pile can get really big really quickly.  Even though they’re small and soft, an army of them can be unstoppable!  That’s why it is a great idea to use hanging shoe storage to keep your child’s stuffed toys in order.

Hanging this shoe storage behind the door or in the wardrobe means it is out of the way.  And, with each toy getting its own compartment, it’s easy to find the exact toy that your child wants to play with.

Stuffed cat

2.    Use Under-the-Bed Shoe Storage for Dolls
Sticking with the shoe storage idea, it is possible to use otherwise unoccupied space to keep your child’s room tidy.  These shoe storage items don’t hang, but rather slide under your bed.  So, instead of keeping it full of shoes, use it to store your child’s dolls.

Again, you can keep your little one’s dolls separated using the compartments, which makes it easy to find the exact one you’re looking for at the exact moment you want it!

3.    Make a Drawer for Under the Sofa
If you don’t mind getting out the tools and making something from scratch, you can make use of other unused storage areas in your house.  In this case, you can make a toy drawer for under the sofa.

You just need a few pieces of wood for the sides of the drawer and a piece of hardboard to act as its base.  Attach a drawer handle to the front for easy access and slap a cheerful coat of paint on it (or camouflaged to match your lounge’s colour-scheme).

The drawer can simply slide along your carpet or floor, and you can use this for anything small enough to fit under your sofa.

With Storage Sorted, Go Bananas with the Toys

There’s nothing better than spoiling your kids with absolutely amazing toys – especially if it enhances their imagination.  So, now that you know how to create a bit more space in your home for toys, get in touch with us and let us help you fill it!


The CT Team x

Toys That Help Children Learn to Speak – Part 1

Wooden toys have a particularly sweet, nostalgic air about them, which makes them popular in nurseries all across the globe.  If only decorative, the presence of a wooden toy in a playroom inspires the wholesomeness of years past.

We certainly love to see traditional wooden toys brought into the modern era through the creative brilliance of Le Toy Van, which is why we stock them with such enthusiasm.  And, we know that many adults have taken to using their toys as statement pieces.

However, the value of wooden toys extends far past the merely ornamental.  While we like to think that technology has made it much easier for children to learn to talk, the truth is that cute and simple toys can make a big difference in the way children learn to speak.

Farm house

How Wooden Toys Help Children Learn to Speak

So, a lot of modern toys on the market are designed to help children imagine the world.  If it is a toy farm, for example, the pigs might make oinking sounds while the cows moo, the chickens cluck, and so on.

True, this does help teach children about the different sounds that animals make, but it also stops children from vocalising anything for themselves.

One of the best ways to have children start speaking is through sounds.  So, when it comes to encouraging this through play, you don’t want the toys to do all of the work.  You want toys to spark imagination.  By buying wooden toys for your children, you encourage them to make the sounds for themselves.  And, when it comes to learning which sounds the animals make, well, they have you to help them!

Toy castle

Spending time playing with your children will also help as they learn to speak.  Start out by making a lot of observations about what you are doing.  This will mean that your children are exposed to language in general.  Then, as they start speaking, ask your children a lot of questions.  (Just a handy tip on this; always give your children enough time to respond before asking another question.  This will give them time to try to vocalise what they are thinking).

Variety Is Important When It Comes to Wooden Toys

According to research, imaginative play is excellent for child speech development.  Eventually, as they grow, they’ll move from animal sounds to outright conversations between dolls or figurines, and their imaginations will have played vital roles in that speech.

This is why it is important to give your child as many toys as possible.  If you stuck to the farmyard, you might limit speech learning to that world.  However, by bringing in toys from other worlds (or other parts of our world), you help extend the boundaries of your child’s imagination.

Le Toy Van has a wide range of incredible toys that are bound to help broaden your children’s imaginations, and boost their speech as a result.  From exquisite dollhouses to show jumping arenas to wooden kitchen accessories and, of course, farmyard toys, Le Toy Van’s wooden toys are a great starting block for making confident speakers of your little angels.


The CT Team x

Children’s Game Ideas for Your Next Car Journey – Part 1

Ah, family holidays… Days spent in exciting places, the feeling of togetherness, and, of course, long car trips.  With young children in the family, the latter might be enough to put many parents off the idea.  But, with the right approach, family car journeys can be very enjoyable.

Sound like an impossible feat?  Well, you just have to do away with some of the ‘tried and trusted’ techniques that don’t actually work.  ‘I spy,’ for example, just doesn’t work in a car when all there is to see most of the time is the road and some trees whizzing by.  Instead, you need some fun and exciting games and toys that won’t leave your children bored by the tedium of it all.

To help you with this, here are some ideas for keeping your children entertained during your next long car journey.


 Car Trip Game Ideas for Kids

1.    Window Drawings
Children love to pass the time drawing, but this can be hard in the car.  Aside from not having a solid surface to press on, the movement can scatter a bunch of coloured pencils faster than a cat scatters a flock of pigeons.

A fun way to avoid this issue and still bring drawing to the car is through the use of whiteboard markers.  Since these markers wipe off easily, your kids can draw on your back windows.  They only need a single marker each, or a few if they want different colours, and a cloth or glove to wipe the ‘slate’ clean and keep on drawing.

2.    Make a Timeline
Sticking with the idea of drawing, you could have your children make a timeline of the journey.  They’ll do this by drawing landmarks or things relating to each place you pass through.  This is easy for places like Brighton, with its pier, and Warwick, with its castle, but, if you’re in the midlands with no clear landmarks, cows or lakes are perfect reminders of the scenery.

If you aren’t crazy about your children drawing all of this on your windows, you could go with paper and have your children press on trays.  You can then hang these up in the car – space allowing – in order to keep a timeline of the trip.


3.    Car Trip Tickets
Another way to honour milestones is to prepare a list of notable scenery before the trip.  Make tickets out of the landmarks you choose and give them to your children before the trip.  Then, when your children spot the attractions, they can hand in their tickets for a treat.

You don’t have to stick to landmarks, either.  You could make tickets that reward your children for spotting things on the road, like four green minis or a fire engine.

Wooden Car

4.    Simple, Fun Toys
Toys are absolutely fantastic for holding kids’ attention for prolonged periods.  But, the problem with taking toys in the car is that any detachable pieces can be easily lost.  For this reason, pack some toys that don’t require attachments, like dolls or racing cars.

At Cottage Toys we have a large range of toy brands that are ideal for extended car journeys, and are sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours on end.  So, in addition to the games we mentioned, be sure to pay us a visit before embarking on your next trip.


The CT Team x


Aside from our extensive and unique collection of wooden toy kitchen’s, we have some adorable offerings when it comes to wooden play foods, perfect for imaginative play. After all you cannot have a wooden toy kitchen without pretend food and cooking accessories.

Our collection of wooden play food includes play fruits and cutting vegetables, wooden crates of bread and cakes, fresh fish and eggs and dairy. They can all be mixed and matched, played with alongside any one of our wooden toy kitchen‘s. Our sets of wooden crates by Le Toy Van are not only designed for the Honeybee wooden market stall, they also work perfectly for kitchen play! All our wooden play food sets are designed to encourage imaginative play, introducing fruit and vegetables and healthy eating to children in a fun and educational way.Hape cutting fruit Our Hape healthy basics set contains all those vital ingredients for a healthy diet, combined with smoothing fruits and harvest vegetables, your child will soon learn to love their five a day! We even have a wooden sushi set for a more sophisticated pallet. Who says Sushi is just for adults?

We must not forget that with a wooden kitchen and play foods comes the requirement for those necessary cooking utensils. Wooden pots and pans, an apron and utensils set, as well as some other popular kitchen items like our Le Toy Van cafe machine and Le Toy Van mixer set. Here at Cottage Toys we love the idea of being able to create the ultimate children’s play kitchen. We even have a wooden fridge, the Hape gourmet fridge that matches our Hape Gourmet kitchen.

We understand that creating the ultimate play kitchen for your child can be expensive, so why not invite friends and relatives to purchase some of the smaller items and accessories and help spread the cost? This is a lovely idea and I’m sure they would appreciate the help in deciding what to get as a gift! There is nothing more satisfying purchasing a toy that you know will be appreciated and enjoyed.

We love hearing from our customers and are always happy to help with toy suggestions and gift ideas. You can always give us a call at the office or via the website on our chat facility. As a family run business, by parents for parents, we are pretty much always available to talk!


The CT Team x



When it comes to decorating a nursery it can be difficult to know where to start. One important thing to remember is not to get too carried away with lots of different designs and ideas. It’s also practical to remember that a baby is not going to be small forever, especially if you aren’t planning on having to re-decorate any time soon.

Before you begin, we suggest you decided on a style or theme. A good place to start is to pick a statement piece of furniture, like one of our Incy Interiors Rose gold or yellow cots, then bounce off this. The style of your nursery furniture can in fact determine the entire style of the room. Incy’s Ellie crib for example is elegant and stylish. It works wonderfully with pastels, pink and grey. We love how how it looks against a grey wall with pinks, cream and grey accessories. We also love the idea of a gold name plaque on the wall, which compliments the cot perfectly and adds that personal touch. incy Ellie crib

Our Ellie crib is not just for a girls nursery either. A dark grey wall with navy blue and brown accessories would look equally as stunning for a little boys room. Alternatively, for a pop of color, our limited edition Clancy cot, in vibrant yellow, would make a stunning focal point within your baby’s room.

When decorating a nursery it’s also important to acknowledge whether the room will need to be adapted once your child grows. Or perhaps it will be updated from a boys room to a girls room, or vica versa.  With this in mind we emphasize the use of a more under-stated color pallet. This means you can easily change the look of the room. Accessories are a great way of adding colour and theme, that can then be updated later on. If you do want something patterned or themed, wall decals are a great way of doing this without being permanent. We also love the idea of a beautiful rug. Edit.58 are great for sourcing totally unique, and equally as beautiful, rugs and runners. A statement rug, or ceiling chandelier work perfectly within a child’s bedroom, adding a touch of design and luxury.

As well as Incy Interiors, we are big fans of the eco-friendly New York based furniture brand Oeuf. Simple, modern and practical, with a grown up feel. Oeuf may be a little more expensive than other brands you can find on the high street, but the contemporary design will suit any room within your home. Oeuf will provide that longevity that you don’t tend to get with other styles of nursery furniture. Oeuf dresserTheir dressers for example work perfectly as a baby change station. We also love their toy stores and mini-libraries for all those wooden toys and books. Oeuf’s Perch bunk beds for older children are also stunning and really worth considering for larger rooms. We love the way they can be configured. You can even detach the bottom bunk and move it to a different room if you have guests.

Storage brings us onto the next important factor of designing and decorating a nursery. Babies come with a lot of stuff. Whatever you are planning, we suggest doubling it. Built in wardrobes are a great idea as they can house clothes as well as toys and accessories depending on how you design the inside. Add shelving as well as hanging rails for e.g.  It may be tempting to invest in a children’s wardrobe but it won’t be long before your baby’s clothes have expanded considerably.  We also love the idea of a DIY changing station. take a vintage-style dresser and add a changing mat on-top.

Please visit our website to view our collection of Children’s nursery and playroom furniture. We also have everything you need to add those finishing touches. Wooden toys and sweet, soft, baby gifts, will add whimsical and traditional charm.


The CT Team x


Which are the top five wooden toy kitchen’s at Cottage Toys? And how do you decided which is the perfect style for your child? Well, we love every wooden toy kitchen that we sell, it wouldn’t be onsite if not. However, when it comes to which is the best, there are several key points to consider.

First up. Price. As a boutique toy shop, offering more unique and high-end toys, our prices may be a little more expensive that what you can find on the high-street. However, we do still cater for all different kinds of budget. Our Honeybake range for example, starts at just £59.95, for the Honeybake kitchen sink. What’s so lovely about this set is that you can start with one unit, say the oven and hob set, then add to it each birthday or Christmas, until you have the complete kitchen. This is also a great way or spreading the cost. For those wanting to indulge their child in the ultimate wooden play kitchen, we would suggest our Le Toy Van Honey kitchen. Honey kitchenAn adorable, traditional style, with gingham curtains and butler-style sink. This wooden kitchen also features an oven and hob and shelving on one side for all those cooking utensils and play foods. It’s one or our larger wooden toy kitchen’s and the play value is immense. It’s the perfect first kitchen for both boys and girls and will last right up until the age of 7+.

Secondly, let us consider design. All our wooden toy kitchen’s are chosen for their aesthetic appeal. We have some more traditional styles. But if you are looking for something a little more modern, our Sebra Interior wooden kitchen is a very popular choice.  If you love scandi-style this is the perfect choice for you. We also love the removable metal sink which is perfect if you child loves a little water-based play. It’s never too early to teach them how to wash up! Available in both grey and rose pink the Sebra kitchen is designed to appeal to both boys and girls. Our Bamboo wooden kitchen is the perfect offering for those looking for something a little more rustic. We love the simple, old-fashioned design. This also comes with three cooking utensils, pots and pan and a red gingham tea-towel. Another one of our more neutral wooden kitchens comes in the style of the Hape Gourmet kitchen in white. There is also a matching fridge freezer available until which is rather cool and unique!

Next, lets consider size. Not everyone has a large playroom for their child, dedicated to toys. In this instance it’s important to choose something that can be stored away when not in use, or that doesn’t take up too much room. The Honeybake sets are great as they are designed to be played with on a tabletop. This also reduces the amount of floor space required. We also have some smaller tabletop cookers from Hape and Le Toy Van. Both are more of a camping stove style and can be hidden away in a cupboard or drawer when necessary. They are just as fun to play with however! We love the idea of keeping one in the kitchen to be brought out and played with alongside mum or dad whilst they prepare the evening meal. It’s a great way to get involved in preparing the family supper and also keeps them busy!Tabletop grill

Longevity is also worth considering when you are deciding which wooden toy kitchen to purchase for your child. All our toys are made from high quality wood and will stand the test of time. However, the larger style kitchen will all last your child right up until school age, and beyond. We know seven year old’s that still love to play chef!

Last, and by no means least, it’s all about personal preference. This will ultimately be the deciding factor. Which of our wooden toy kitchen’s have you fallen in love with the most?

Our top five:

Le Toy Van Honey kitchen. £125.00

Sebra Interior Grey kitchen, £135.00

Honeybake oven and hob set. £65.00

Hape tabletop grill. £29.99

Bamboo wooden kitchen: £99.95

If you have any more questions or need some more advice on our top five wooden toy kitchen’s at Cottage Toys  (or any of our toys, furniture or baby gifts) Please do not hesitate to get in touch either via email, phone or via the chat on our website. We love to hear from you!


The CT Team x