Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Kids’ Party – Part 2

a boy eating cake

Your little one means the world to you and so you want to pull out all the stops when it comes to planning their birthday parties. The problem is that you can start to panic when you think about all the things that need to come together in order to throw a truly brilliant kids’ party.

Well, you don’t need to worry. If you get the fundamentals right, the rest falls into place. And, to help you with those fundamentals, we have a few tips for you to add to the ones we gave you in Part 1 of this look at kids’ parties.

More Tips for Planning a Triumphant Kids’ Party

1. Decide on a Theme
If there are balloons, decorations, and lots of sweets, you can usually be sure that your child will love the party. But, introducing a theme makes it a little more special.

The best thing to do is to plan the party around whatever your child is excited about at the time. If it’s pirates, for example, you could buy balloons featuring your child’s favourite characters, give your child a pirate hat to wear on the day, and send everyone home with a gorgeous little pirate figure in their goody bags.

2. Keep the Menu Fun but Simple
You don’t have to worry about going gourmet when planning food for kids. They are perfectly happy with fun and easy foods like mini hot dogs, pizza puffs, sausage rolls, ice lollies, and lots of sweets and cakes.

Here is a helpful website with dozens of easy recipes for kids’ parties that you can use for some inspiration.

colourful cupcakes

3. Hire an Entertainer or Play Party Games?
This one is really down to you and your budget, and which one you think your child will prefer. Entertainers like clowns, musicians, and magicians are usually huge hits with the kids, but don’t underestimate the power of simple games like hide-and-seek, pass-the-parcel, and musical chairs.

But, while both options can be fun, be sure to plan them well in advance. You need to book entertainers as soon as possible, and add all of the trinkets you need for the games to your shopping list weeks before the party.

4. Open Presents at the Right Time
Having everyone gather around the birthday girl or boy to watch them open presents is a nice way to end off the party. However, it can become awkward if your little one isn’t shy about voicing any displeasure with the gifts.

Because of this, it is a nice idea to wait until everyone has gone home before you start unwrapping the presents. But, if you do choose this route, remember to send everyone ‘thank you’ notes for the gifts.

These don’t have to be physical cards; it’s the gesture that counts. You can get free electronic thank you cards here.

Le Toy Van Pirates

Planning Kids’ Parties with Cottage Toys

Hopefully these tips help you with the activities and decorations for your upcoming party, but don’t think we’ve forgotten about the all-important presents.

Whether it’s toys for the birthday munchkin or for the goody bags, we have you covered. With oodles of fantastic wooden toys, soft toys, kitchens, workbenches, garages, and more, we have absolutely everything you and your little one could desire.

With the above tips making the planning process a dream, and our beautiful range of toys making present-shopping a breeze, you won’t know what to do with all your free time leading up to the party!


The CT Team x

Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Kids’ Party – Part 1

boys playing

This might not be the first party you’re throwing, but you’re always looking for fresh ideas to keep each party topping the last. And, when you start to think about everything that goes into a great party – venue, entertainment, snacks, etc. – you can get more than a little anxious. But, you don’t have to worry; we’re here with some fantastic tips on planning the perfect kids’ party.

With these helpful hints you’ll be able to plan a brilliant party and make sure it goes off without a hitch. So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

How to Plan a Truly Successful Kids’ Party

1. Choose the Date Wisely
Of course, the best scenario when it comes to the date of the party is to be able to throw it on your child’s birthday. But, if the date falls in the week, you might have to choose a weekend either side of it.

If this is the case, the first thing you should do is find out if your child’s best friend is available on this day. Sadly, the party just won’t be the same without your little one’s chief accomplice.

Also, if you plan to throw the party on a Sunday, make sure that your child’s religious friends won’t be in church at the time. If there’s a chance they will be, plan the party for later in the day to accommodate them.

2. Buy Everything in Advance
You don’t want the party date to sneak up on you and catch you unprepared, so it’s important to start planning around 6 weeks beforehand. This will give you enough time to start looking around the shops for the best supplies.

Also, to save time, you might find that going online is a great option. This is a wonderful idea for odds and ends, which can often take days of shopping to piece together.

Planning ahead will also help you spread the cost of the party over a few months, which always helps.

birthday balloons

3. Choose between a Venue and Home Party
Venues are excellent because you don’t have to worry as much about the cleaning, but home parties are good because they’re free – at least as far as the venue is concerned. Decide which is best for you early on, because the planning that you do leading up to the party will sometimes be influenced by the location.

Here are checklists for home parties and venue parties to make sure you remember everything. And, if you decide to go with a venue, here is a good resource for finding the best kids’ party venue.

4. Plan for the Weather
English summer rain can sneak up out of nowhere and drench a perfectly sunny afternoon. So, if you’ve decided to have your child’s party in a park, have a backup plan. Even if it means keeping your home on stand-by, make sure you have an indoor option up your sleeve just in case the weather turns nasty.

wooden farm

Let Cottage Toys Help You Plan Your Next Kids’ Party

These are just a few ideas to help get the ball rolling, but we have loads more for you. So, for another 4 handy tips on planning a kids’ party, be sure to visit our blog again soon for Part 2 of this look at kids’ parties.

And, in the meantime, please visit our toy catalogue to get those creative juices flowing as far as gifts are concerned. With loads of beautiful toys to choose from, we’re sure our collection will inspire you.


The CT Team x

Firing up Your Kid’s Imagination with Role Play Toys – Part 2

Two boys playing

Role play toys are exceptionally fun, and give your kids the skills they need to interact and succeed when they grow up, both professionally and in social situations.

In Part 1 of this look at role play toys we talked about how these toys develop your kids’ confidence, language skills, knowledge, and imaginations. Now, let’s take a look at how you can help this process by giving you some great ideas for kids’ role play!

How Role Play Toys Help Your Kids Learn

Of course, the idea of role playing is to stimulate your kids’ imagination. So, you want to have your little ones imagine as much as possible. However, putting your kids in an empty room does little to stimulate them.

You need to give them just enough to get their imaginations running wild, and then let them do the rest. With that in mind, here are some fun ideas for role play with toys:

1. Safari
In Part 1 we mentioned the idea of using felt animal heads to set the scene for a safari through distant wildernesses. You could build on this by creating a jungle scene in your child’s playroom.

Use blow-up palm trees or branches from your garden (if you’re brave enough to bring them inside) to create the foliage. Then place toy animals of the savannah around the room and have your child spot them as you explore the wilderness.

Alternatively, you could create a zoo by placing plastic washing baskets upside-down over some stuffed animals. This creates the effect of cages. Your child can then be the zookeeper, feeding and caring for the animals, or a happy little patron!

wooden zoo

2. Restaurant
Restaurants present various fantastic opportunities for imagination and interaction. You have customers ordering food, waiters relaying orders, and chefs preparing the food.

Kids’ tables and chairs are perfect for the customer area. But, when it comes to the kitchen, you want to give your kids lots to play with. Because of this, a toy cooking station is ideal. With pots and pans, a hob, oven, toy fridge, and even a coffee maker, your little ones will be busy for hours.

And, with wooden play food, you can have the waiters bring fantastic looking food from the kitchen to the customers, prompting further interaction.

wooden kitchen

3. Mechanic’s Garage
In Part 1 we also made mention of having your child pretend to be a racing driver travelling the world. Why not add to this role play by bringing mechanics on the road? You could create a whole pit operation complete with toy workbenches and some darling-looking wooden tools. Plus, for quick service, you could kit out your little mechanics with toy tool belts.

wooden garage

Just think of how much learning you could sneak into the fun as your little race team attempts to win the Monaco Grand Prix.

Role Play Toys Create a World of Fun

These are just some of the ideas you could use to enhance your kids’ life skills through play. But, with so many fantastic role play toys to choose from, your possibilities are endless.

So, for the toys you need to bring these and other fantasies to life, be sure to contact the team here at Cottage Toys, and we’ll be more than happy to help you pick out the best toys for your tots.


The CT Team x

Ideas for a Kid’s Party on a Budget – Part 2


You want to throw your kids memorable parties, with each year outdoing the previous year’s party. But, you don’t always have the cash to go bigger and better. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem as it’s quite possible to throw fantastic kid’s parties on a budget.

In Part 1 we discussed a few tips on how to accomplish this feat. Now, to make it even easier, here are a few more.

How to Throw a Kid’s Party on a Tight Budget

1. Choose Games Over Entertainers (and Recruit Friends)
As we mentioned in Part 1, kids’ party entertainment has reached new heights with this new generation. But reuniting the Spice Girls or hiring David Blaine is a little outside of your budget.

Fortunately, you don’t need to go over the top with entertainment. Instead of paying for an expensive entertainer, why not have the kids make their own fun? Good, old-fashioned treasure hunts and games of pin the tail on the donkey still hold as much wonder for our children as they did for us. (Here are some more kids party games you can play.)

And, if you want an entertainer to add some sparkle, don’t feel the need to go straight to the professionals. Do you know any firemen or police men? If so, ask them to come along in uniform and spray the kids with your garden hose or put toy handcuffs on the party’s most mischievous kids. You’d be surprised at how much joy kids can get out of something so simple.

2. Bake Your Own Cake
So, you’ve seen the baking shows on telly and you think that your child won’t be happy with anything less than a six-foot, fondant-covered cake that looks like a culinary playground. But, in a kid’s eyes, if a cake is covered in sweet icing and candles, it’s a great cake.

A quick online search will give you dozens of easy-to-make cake recipes. And, if you start practicing early enough, you’ll definitely be able to create a perfect cake by the time your kid’s birthday rolls around.

If you really want to impress your child, you can always buy certain embellishments for the cake. But you certainly don’t need to hire a professional baker, who might charge a fortune, to bake it for you.

cake with candles

3. Find a Cheap Venue
Hiring out expensive venues for your kid’s party really isn’t necessary. Of course, your own garden is the cheapest venue since it costs absolutely nothing. But, if it’s too small or you don’t have one at all, there are other options.

You could ask a friend if you might use their garden or house for the party, or you could check your local parks to see if you can reserve picnic areas for parties. There is also the option of going to a family-oriented restaurant, which you don’t have to pay to hire out at all.

4. Don’t Overthink the Party Bags
As long as there are lots of odds and ends in the party bag, kids don’t really mind about the overall quality. So, if you really want to impress on a tight budget, you could buy some lovely toy packs and split them between the bags. Then fill the bags with sweets and smaller toys from the pound shop. The main toy will be the feature, and the rest will make sure you meet the quantity quota.

Moulin Roty Piano

A Budget Kid’s Party Leaves Money for Brilliant Toys

Only rarely can you have your cake and eat it, too. But, in this case, it’s easy. By budgeting cleverly, you still end up with a party that your child and all his or her friends will absolutely love. And, with the money you save, you’ll be able to splash out on some fantastic wooden toys for your little one.

Hopefully these tips help you plan an amazing party. Now, let us help you with the presents. With loads of beautiful wooden toys to choose from, we are sure to have exactly what you need to make your little treasure’s day truly wonderful.

If you’d like to know more about our selection or would like to place an order, please contact us today!


The CT Team x

Firing up Your Kid’s Imagination with Role Play Toys – Part 1

Girl and Wooden Play house

Role playing is bit different from playing with toy cars or dolls, for example. It places children in a world that they create, and of which they are at the centre. This, of course, makes it a lot of fun for them, but role play toys are also important for the development of your little ones.

When your kids role play, they act out situations from the real world (or from fiction) but, instead of transferring their fantasies onto toys, they play the characters themselves. In essence, they are acting out parts in an imaginary play. And this is very important for the development of traits which they’ll use later in life, which we will take a look at now.

Benefits of Role Play Toys for Kids

1. Imagination
Imagination is very important for children. Through using their imagination they are able to place themselves in social situations which they will encounter later in life. These may be relatively stress-free situations, like cooking dinner or doing the shopping, but they prepare kids for adulthood.

Importantly, active imaginations in kids lead to creative thinking in adults. And creative thinking is a definite requirement for many careers in the arts, tech development, engineering, etc. In fact, just about any career benefits from creative thinking.

2. Interaction
Role playing is very important for building the skills necessary for social interaction. If two or more kids share a fantasy, they practice the conversation as it would occur in reality. This can be anything from completing a grocery purchase to having a mechanic look at a broken-down car.

And, even if a child is role playing one of these situations alone, he or she will still have to imagine the interaction which would take place with other people in reality. This still helps to strengthen communication skills.

Felt Elephant Head

3. Language
Along with strengthening confidence in communication, role play toys help strengthen language skills. This is because you can use them to place your child in a variety of new worlds requiring new vocabulary.

The words necessary for pretending to be a chef, for example, differ greatly from those surrounding mechanics or carpenters. So, by introducing your child to all of these worlds, you build their vocabulary through exciting play.

4. Learning
Role play toys are also excellent for teaching your kids about different cultures and countries while having fun. While extending their vocabulary, you can also extend their understanding of new places or concepts.

Using a felt elephant head and felt moose head wall décor you could take your child to Africa and Canada as a hunter or explorer, teaching him or her all about these places as you play. Or, riding a Baghera Bentley race car, you could travel the world with your child as classic racing driver, imparting knowledge about all your destinations as you go.

5. Confidence
The world can be a scary place for kids as they can often feel that they have no control. But, by placing your child in an imaginary world over which they have total control, you build your child’s confidence. As they grow up, kids who have role played certain scenarios find them easier to adapt to, which essentially comes across as higher self-esteem.

Bentley childrens car

Use Role Play Toys to Help Prepare Your Kids for Adult Life

While you don’t want to force your little angels to grow up too fast, it is important to start gently giving them the skills they’ll need in future years. Role play toys certainly help with this.

Please join us again soon for Part 2 of this look at role play toys, in which we’ll discuss some ideas for role play that will help your kids develop the skills we mentioned above.


The CT Team x

Ideas for a Kid’s Party on a Budget – Part 1

birthday party

Back when we were kids, our mums used to make a few Marmite sandwiches, put out a few bowls of crisps, bake us a cake and call it a party. But, children’s parties have evolved since then and now it seems that if you don’t revive a ‘90s girl-band or have the actual cast of the Avengers show up in costume, you’re suddenly the parent of whom they all whisper at the next barbeque.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. It is perfectly possible to plan a triumphant kid’s party on a tight budget. You just need to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

For this, we’re here to help. Here are some helpful tips for throwing a stellar event without having to re-mortgage your home.

Tips for Throwing a Great Kid’s Party for Less Money

1. Spread the Cost Over a Few Months
Unless you’ve got too much on your mind, your kid’s birthday is never going to be a surprise to you. So, you always have enough warning to plan for it. Use this to your advantage by spreading the cost of the party out over the months leading up to it.

Buy the balloons and cups one month, the paper plates and party favours the next, and so on. This way you won’t find yourself with a huge expense (on top of the cost of toys and presents) when your child’s birthday arrives.

This plan of action will also ensure that you shop around for the best prices and don’t end up overpaying for basics the day before the party.

2. Don’t Offer Meals, Just Snacks
With parties, as with life, timing is everything. The time in which you choose to throw your child’s party has a big effect on its cost. If you throw it over lunchtime or in the evening, you will have to feed the kids and their parents. And, yes, they’ll want proper meals.

However, if you throw your party mid-afternoon, you can get away with serving snacks. Everyone will arrive full from lunch and leave before dinnertime, meaning that you can cut your food costs nicely.

A few hot dogs, pizzas, sandwiches, biscuits, chocolates, and other sweets will do perfectly.


3. Don’t send Invitations in the Post
Yes, the tradition may be nice, but sending invitations in the post isn’t necessary at all. Half the time the recipients will put them on the kitchen table and never see them again, then have to email you anyway to double-check the time and date of the party.

You might as well save everyone the effort, and save yourself some money, and send out electronic invites.

These don’t have to be as simple as an email. In fact, there are plenty of websites that offer free digital invitations, and the choice of designs is extensive – perfect for any party theme.

4. Shop Around for Supplies
As we mentioned earlier, if you don’t give yourself enough time to plan the party, you could well end up buying everything at one place. And, if you’re in a panic, you’ll probably end up going to an expensive specialist shop.

Instead, give yourself lots of time to find the best prices for things. It might mean that you end up buying bits and pieces from all over the place. But, you stand to save a lot of money doing it that way.

wooden theatre

More Kid’s Party Tips to Come

We hope that the above tips will come in handy, but we’re nowhere near finished. So, to be sure that you make the most out of your budget for your next kid’s party, check back in with us for Part 2 of this look at budget-friendly parties.

But, for now, why not have a look at our range of beautiful wooden toys? This will give you some great ideas for birthday presents before the big day draws too near!


The CT Team x

Toys That Help Children Learn to Speak – Part 2

What better inspires children to use their imaginations than playing with toys?  Well, very little.  And, as we discussed in Part 1 of this look at helping children learn to speak through toys, imaginative play is excellent for speech development.

So, if imaginative play is good for developing speech, what sorts of toys are best for inspiring the imagination?  Broadly speaking, any toys that don’t do too much for the children are great.  But, to be a little more specific, we’d like to use a few items from our fantastic range of Le Toy Van wooden toys as examples.

Wooden Farm

Wooden Toys That Help Inspire Speech

Wooden toys are among the best you could possibly get for your children when it comes to speech development.  This is because they don’t have any bells and whistles, literally speaking.  Wooden toys mean that your children have to make the sounds, which gives them confidence in producing sounds during their formative years.

A great toy to start off with is the Bunny and Guinea Set from Le Toy Van, or perhaps the Wooden Farm Animals.  These are especially good for children that can’t yet speak because they only need simple sounds.  Your kids can get comfortable vocalising animal sounds (though the bunny might require extra imagination) before they move on to more complex words.

A nice toy to accompany the move from sounds to words is the Bertie’s Tractor Wooden Toy.  What is so great about this toy is that the tractor comes with a driver.  So, when your child is learning to speak, he or she can make the sounds of the tractor as it drives.  Then, moving forward, your child can start to speak as the driver.

Basically, any toy that requires your child to vocalise sounds or words is great for speech development.  For this reason, dolls are excellent toys.  Whether your child is pretending to be the doll’s voice, or is speaking to the doll, there is still speech happening.  And, if you can extend your child’s imagination to include new situations, you increase the learning.

Wooden Doll's House
A great way to do this is through accessories like doll’s houses.  By placing their dolls in houses, you can further your children’s learning of object names and words connected with situations outside of their normal imagination.

Items like the Sugar Plum Children’s Room are great because they help your little ones learn the names of real-life items that might be around them in their very own playrooms.

When it comes to furthering the learning, an item such as the Barbarossa Wooden Pirate Ship is brilliant.  With so much to play with on this fascinating ship, your kids will spend hours upon hours learning while having fun.  The same goes for the magnificent Excalibur Castle.

Excalibur Castle

Wooden Toys Inspire Speech through Fun

By having your children use their imaginations during play, you give them the best chance at becoming confident, competent little speakers.  And the best way to inspire imaginative play is through fun and exciting wooden toys, like the ones in the Le Toy Van collection.

So, to start your kids on the best path to speech development, please do get in touch with us and let us help you choose some fantastic toys for your tots.


The CT Team x

Storage Ideas for Your Kids’ Toys – Part 2

Toys are really important for your kids’ development.  But, mix children and toys and you get a mountain of clutter, whichever way you slice it.  Still, there’s no reason that the clutter has to take over your home.  With a few simple tips for toy storage, it is possible to maintain a sense of order in your house, and still be able to nurture the imaginations of your little darlings.

In Part 1 of this look at toy storage, we highlighted a few storage ideas available on Pinterest.  Now, let’s look at a few other toy storage ideas to keep you inspired.

4 More Creative Toy Storage Ideas

1.    Wall Baskets


Just because these baskets are made for attaching plants to your outside walls doesn’t mean that you have to use them exclusively for that purpose.  In fact, these baskets make for excellent toy storage.

This way, you can use the space on your walls to store your kids’ toys and keep the floor clear to use as actual play-space.

2.    Hanging Laundry Baskets

Again, these baskets might not have been made for this specific purpose, but they work fantastically well for toy storage.  By hanging these mesh baskets from your ceiling, you keep the floor clear.  And, as we all know, the floor is a major culprit for generating clutter.

These might not be able to support heavier toys.  But, if your child has a lot of dolls or stuffed toys, these baskets are perfect.  And, the fact that they are made of mesh means that you, or your child, can always find the right toy when you need it.

3.    Windowed Toy Bags


Speaking of being able to find the right toy at the right time, these windowed toy bags are an excellent idea.

The problem with traditional bags is that you never know what’s in them.  This means that you have to pull everything out just to find what you’re after, and you end up with a giant pile of clutter… once again!

But, with these, you can always find what you’re looking for.  And, if you’re handy with a sewing machine, they’re really easy to make.  You could use clear plastic for the window, or even mesh.

4.    Peg-Board Wall Storage


We tend to only use peg-board in our garages.  Why?  Perhaps because it’s not very pretty to look at.  But a coat of cheerful paint soon changes that.

With a tiny bit of sprucing up, a peg-board can be a great storage addition to your child’s room.  You’ll be surprised by the amount of things you can actually hang on it.  And, like the wall baskets and hanging laundry baskets, peg-board storage makes use of vertical space and leaves the floor clutter-free.

Here are some fun examples of pegboard decoration to inspire you.

More Space Means More Toys!

These storage ideas are simple, but they free up a surprisingly large amount of space.  But, that just means that you have an excuse to spoil your little ones with more goodies from our wide range of toys!

So, if you need help filling all of that extra room, or if you would just like to chat about some new ideas for toy storage, please do get in touch.


The CT Team x

Children’s Game Ideas for Your Next Car Journey – Part 2

In Part 1 of this look at family car journeys, we looked at a few fun things that you can do with your children in order to keep them occupied during long drives.  But, sometimes you just don’t have the time or resources to make car trip tickets or to go out and buy gloves and whiteboard markers for window drawings.

But, fortunately, all is not lost.  With a couple of games that require no accessories at all, and some wildly entertaining toys from our extensive collection, you’ll have no problem keeping your little ones entertained for the entire length of your journey.

Let’s start with the games:

Kids’ Games for Long Car Journeys

family in a car

1.    Guess the Character
This game is traditionally played by sticking a card with a famous name written on it to the player’s forehead, and the player has to guess the name by asking questions.  The rest of the players can only respond with yes/no answers.

However, with young children, it is fun to switch this around.  Have your child think of a famous character (from a nursery rhyme, cartoon, etc.) and then you ask questions.  Your child can only answer either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ until you guess the character.

2.    Fortunately, Unfortunately
A fun game to play with children is the fortunately, unfortunately game.  In this game, one person starts a story and then the next person adds to it, but starts the sentence with ‘unfortunately’.  The next player then continues the story, starting with ‘fortunately’.

You end up with a story chain like this: ‘I went for a walk yesterday.’  ‘Unfortunately it started to rain.’  ‘Fortunately, I had a raincoat with me.’  ‘Unfortunately, it was far too small and didn’t fit me.’

3.    Pub Sign Bingo
Split the car into two teams – those sitting on the left and those on the right.  Then, when you pass a pub sign, count the number of legs on the sign.  A hunter riding a horse, for example, would have six legs and would be a score of six.  If the pub is on the right side of the car when you pass, the team on the right gets the points and vice versa.

Fun Toys for Car Trips

As we mentioned in Part 1, toys are brilliant fun for car trips.  But, you don’t want too many parts as these can easily be lost.  This is why it is best to keep it relatively simple, toy-wise.

cowboy soft toy

Dolls and soft toys are excellent for this, as they don’t have any accessories.  Look at our collections from Alimrose Designs and Papo for some great examples of beautiful dolls.

Toy phones are also great for car trips, since they’re easy for your child to hang onto and allow you to join in the fun as the voice on the other end of the line.  The Hellophone from B Toys is excellent for the car.

And, if you don’t mind a bit of enjoyable commotion, toy musical instruments can keep your little ones entertained while inspiring their creativity.  There’s the Sevi wooden drum for the would-be percussionist, while the Moulin Roty children’s guitar brings some melody to the party.

child playing the guitar


 Make the Journey Part of the Fun

With these toys and some fun family games, the car trip doesn’t have to be something to get through before the holiday starts.  Instead, it can be a happy part of the holiday.

Be sure to get in touch with us before you leave so we can help you pick out the perfect toys for your car journey.  Happy travels!


The CT Team x


It’s been a busy few months at the CT boutique. We have been excitedly sourcing lots of wonderful new toys for 2017, viewing the new additions from our existing brands, and also looking at the development of two of our growing areas of the website: This year we plan to increase our range of Children’s furniture and baby gifts.

Our beautiful Incy Interiors Ellie crib will be joined by gun-metal and creamy white alternative. We are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Sybilla settee. A beautiful rose pink velvet children’s sofa, with a rose gold metal frame and feet. Incy Interiors also have a beautiful wooden range of children’s furniture. The Teeny cot is a best seller over in Australia and the US and we will be getting stock of this later in the year. It really is so hard to find high quality, designer, children’s furniture that is also unique within Europe and the UK. We are so proud to be able to offer Incy to this market.

white cot

When it comes to baby gifts and children’s decor we have some adorable new additions from Moulin Roty and Alimrose Designs. If you are looking for something a little extra special to welcome a precious new arrival, Alimrose and Moulin Roty are definitely worth a look. Soft snuggly baby comforters and soft toys are always a hit when it comes to newborn gifting. We love the little Moulin Roty tooth mouse too, which would make the perfect, thoughtful, gift for an older child who is about to loose their first tooth. You must also have a look at some of our pretty new Alimrose dolls. Lulu doll and Beatrice bunny are definitely worth a mention. Beatrice bunny would make the sweetest Easter baby gift!beatrie bunny We also have some new styles of baby ballerina dolls arriving in the next week or so. They are all suitable from birth.  In terms of children’s decor we have also been busy selecting some of the new range by Sebra Interior. Have you seen those wooden animal wall hooks? There will be some new hanging canopy’s from this Danish brand arriving very soon too. If you visit our page ‘What’s new’ you will find out what has been added so far.

In addition we will also be developing our range of role play toys. Traditional and wooden toys are the backbone of Cottage Toys and we will certainly not be letting this area of our boutique slide. We have several new wooden and wicker dolls prams already added to the site, including a brown version of our best selling grey wicker dolls pram. A beautiful wooden dolls high chair and the Sebra Interior wooden dolls crib is now available in both white and rose. Le Toy Van also have some really exciting new additions to their range of wooden toys. There is a chic new dolls house; Evergreen house is an open-plan style, designed with more modern architecture and comes complete with dolls house furniture making it a really easy dolls house purchase. Le Toy Van have also unveiled their ultimate new wooden play shop and cafe. It’s an adaption of the best selling Honeybee market stall, only bigger with lots of exciting extra to increase play value even further. This is coming to CT in April and we can’t and shop There is also going to be a Le Toy Van wooden shopping trolley to go with it, complete with a little hanging chalkboard for your little one to write their shopping list. The basket is canvas which is another sweet and unusual feature. The existing wooden food crates will still be available to go with the new shop. (There is also a new fresh meat crate being introduced.). Along with the wooden cash register and weighing scales. Old favourites such as John Crane and Hape Toys also have some cute new things that we will slowly be introducing as the year unfolds.

All in all it’s going to be a very exciting 2017 so make sure you are signed up to our newsletter to find out what and when all new additions are stocked so you don’t miss out!

Love, The Cottage Toys Team x