Toys That Help Children Learn to Speak – Part 1

Wooden toys have a particularly sweet, nostalgic air about them, which makes them popular in nurseries all across the globe.  If only decorative, the presence of a wooden toy in a playroom inspires the wholesomeness of years past.

We certainly love to see traditional wooden toys brought into the modern era through the creative brilliance of Le Toy Van, which is why we stock them with such enthusiasm.  And, we know that many adults have taken to using their toys as statement pieces.

However, the value of wooden toys extends far past the merely ornamental.  While we like to think that technology has made it much easier for children to learn to talk, the truth is that cute and simple toys can make a big difference in the way children learn to speak.

Farm house

How Wooden Toys Help Children Learn to Speak

So, a lot of modern toys on the market are designed to help children imagine the world.  If it is a toy farm, for example, the pigs might make oinking sounds while the cows moo, the chickens cluck, and so on.

True, this does help teach children about the different sounds that animals make, but it also stops children from vocalising anything for themselves.

One of the best ways to have children start speaking is through sounds.  So, when it comes to encouraging this through play, you don’t want the toys to do all of the work.  You want toys to spark imagination.  By buying wooden toys for your children, you encourage them to make the sounds for themselves.  And, when it comes to learning which sounds the animals make, well, they have you to help them!

Toy castle

Spending time playing with your children will also help as they learn to speak.  Start out by making a lot of observations about what you are doing.  This will mean that your children are exposed to language in general.  Then, as they start speaking, ask your children a lot of questions.  (Just a handy tip on this; always give your children enough time to respond before asking another question.  This will give them time to try to vocalise what they are thinking).

Variety Is Important When It Comes to Wooden Toys

According to research, imaginative play is excellent for child speech development.  Eventually, as they grow, they’ll move from animal sounds to outright conversations between dolls or figurines, and their imaginations will have played vital roles in that speech.

This is why it is important to give your child as many toys as possible.  If you stuck to the farmyard, you might limit speech learning to that world.  However, by bringing in toys from other worlds (or other parts of our world), you help extend the boundaries of your child’s imagination.

Le Toy Van has a wide range of incredible toys that are bound to help broaden your children’s imaginations, and boost their speech as a result.  From exquisite dollhouses to show jumping arenas to wooden kitchen accessories and, of course, farmyard toys, Le Toy Van’s wooden toys are a great starting block for making confident speakers of your little angels.


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