Hello and welcome to the Cottage Toys and Interiors blog.

I am Jess, mother of two girls, wife, and owner of Cottage Toys and Interiors. At the helm since 2014 , shortly after my second daughter was born. (Running a new business with a newborn, well that's a whole other post. Let's just say any form of routine was out of the window.)

You can read the background behind my business by visiting the 'about us' page on the website. But I have decided to start our new blog with something a little more personal that just a background bio. I don't tend to share that much of myself via our social media channels. I never really know if anyone will be that interested? (I also have another social profile, which is a bit of a lifestyle platform and this is where I tend to share more of that stuff anyway.) However I am aware that not everyone follows me here (@mumzynotjess) so as the business grows and our following increases I though it might be nice to introduce myself properly, and give you a little in sight into 'me'. 

So here goes, twelve things you didn't know about me. My version of Meet the Maker. (I know I don't actually make anything, but I have made the business what it is           today so hopefully that counts?)

  1. I have just turned 35
  2. I met my husband when I was 19 and we have been together ever since.
  3. I was born in Buckinghamshire (Marlow). We moved to Suffolk when I was 12. I now live in Surrey.
  4. I like to start the day with some kind of exercise be it the gym, a run or just to walk the dog. It doesn't always happen but those days where I do I always feel so       much more positive about tackling the day.
  5. When I worked in London I used to walk from Victoria station to Great Portland Street to get to work.
  6. I'm really impatient and hate having my hair done. (Although I do love a facial or massage.)
  7. I have grade 7 flute.
  8. I love going on holiday as it means I can get dressed up every day.
  9. I don't give my children i pads or phones and they never ask for them. (Unless they are with someone that does have one!) 
  10. I run my business from my husband's warehouse so we see each other every day at work and at home. Yes, it can be testing at times. I try to work from home as much as possible, although I tend to end up going into the warehouse most days as there is only so much I can do from home.
  11. I love to shop small. The majority of my girls wardrobes are from small businesses found via Instagram. The dresses in this picture for example are from a beautiful brand called Benedita.
  12. no I don't understand the obsession with the Kardashians or any of those other reality shows. I'd rather watch a good drama. We just finished 'Cheat' on ITV which was really good. (Spencer and Vogue is the exception. I sent her some toys for Theodore recently and she was the most genuine, kind and lovely 'celeb' to work with. She was also really polite and thanked me privately as well as via social. I just really wanted to watch the show they did together.)

Love, Jess x