If you follow along on Instagram you will know that I am currently pregnant with my third child. To make way for a new baby we decided to move around the girls bedrooms, so that Evelyn's room (the smallest) could become a nursery again. Evelyn could then move into Annabella's room and Annabella could move into the other spare room - As the oldest we felt she was ready for more of a 'big girl' space, this seemed like the obvious solution. I promised a blog post on the end result, so here it is! 

Our spare bedroom already had a rose gold double Incy Interiors bed, so this was the starting point for our make over. Both Annabella and I were also keen on pink walls. We have always used Farrow and Ball paint throughout our house, I just love the chalky finish it gives, along with all their unique shades and tones. (It is more expensive than other brands, but personally, well worth the investment.) However, in this instance, after testing all their pinks, we didn't find quite the the right 'one.'. Someone then recommended Little Greene, which is another chalk paint brand of the same quality and price range. It turns out they have a bigger range of pinks, too. We narrowed it down to three different shades and after testing choose 'Pink Slip.' It's a warm pink with grey tone and works perfectly with the light in the room. (I'd always advise testing out paints first as they do all look so different once on the walls. The light of a room has such an effect.) As a contrast to pink walls we used a dark grey on the wardrobe doors - Dark Slate, also by Little Greene. The existing gold handles I think look gorgeous against this type of dramatic dark grey, too. 

Once the main elements of the room were complete we looked to accessories. I love the use of accessories to add character and charm to a space. It is also an area that you can continually add to, or update, so it's important not to get too carried away, and to take your time. We started with just a few additions, including a canopy to hang over her bed, which was one of the main things Annabella definitely wanted. We chose the grey one from Sebra interior. It's beautiful quality and adds a more child-like element to her double bed frame. As do all the cushions, which also really encourages her to make her bed. (Added bonus!) The only other thing I really wanted to do straight away, accessory wise, was a picture wall. I have never done one before but always admired how they look in other peoples homes. We read up on how to create one, which requires laying everything out on the floor first, then hanging each frame individually, starting in the middle and working in rows. I mixed frames (from Ikea and Next) with accessories and pictures that we have collected over the years from her old bedroom. She really wanted to keep her felt rainbow and shelving unit too, which tied in really nicely. We also added her Velveteen Babies tear drop garland and dream catcher. I hope you will agree, it turned out really well!

We took our time with the furniture, waiting to source exactly what we wanted. (Aside from the bed frame which we already had.) From experience I think it is always better to wait, and if necessary save, for exactly what you want rather than compromising on a cheaper alternative. Ikea for example is great for photo frames, picture shelves and internal storage solutions, but I'm not a big fan of their furniture. I have the same opinion about most of the obvious furniture retailers, if I'm honest. I also always prefer more vintage, solid pieces, that are more 'one of a kind.' Not just for their quality and look, but because they really hold their value. If you ever want to re-sell something you can generally get what you paid, if not more! After a lot of searching we found this beautiful solid pine chest of drawers from ebay, still with it's original white porcelain handles. It's a lovely size with really deep drawers, so perfect for all her clothes. We have placed a large gold mirror on top (again from ebay) which give a more grown up feel. This will also be great for when she's older and needs more of a dressing table area. (Which is why I also wanted a higher style.) For now she just loves arranging all her favourite nic-naks on top.

Other pieces around the room include a pom pom wicker toy basket, where we put the bed cushions at bedtime, her luggysee-ya suitcase and the beautiful dolls cot, also by Incy Interiors, that matches her bed. As she gets older and her style changes all these things can easily be replaced, but for now they are sweet additions and still most adored. I recently found the ideal bedside table second hand too, already painted in a pastel green. It's the perfect size for the spot beside her bed, where we re-hung her picture shelves for all her books. 

I also recently changed her bedding. The existing grey set worked well but was never going to be long term. I have always wanted a liberty print set from Coco and Wolf so decided to just bite the bullet. I choose Poppy and Daisy rose, which goes perfectly with all the other colours in the room. They are expensive but the most divine quality and I have no regrets making the investment. As soon as I have saved up I will be ordering a set for my other daughter. They will never date and last into adulthood. 

For now that's it. There are still a few things I want to add, including a new celing lampshade. At the moment there is a pink velvet one. It does match the lampshade on her chest of drawers but I don't want everything to be pink, or matchy-matchy. I think one of those rattan/wicker ones would look even nicer. I just haven't found the right one yet..