It's our most desirable and fastest growing brand, brought to our attention by my Australian sister in law, and now available to shop here at Cottage Toys and Interiors. 

Find out more in our first brand spotlight!

Incy interiors was founded by Kristy Withers after the birth of her first son. She quickly discovered, when her son was old enough for his first big-boy bed, that there just wasn't anything out there in the way of stylish, design-led children's furniture. After extensive searches for a bed that she liked Kristy decided to take matters into her own hands and design her own! The rest, as they say, is history. Incy Interiors has expanded into all areas of children's furniture and their iconic rose gold finish remains un-rivalled. 

Here at Cottage Toys and Interiors we are extremely proud to have been able to open up this brand to the UK and European market for parents like ourselves, those that aren't prepared to compromise when it comes to their children's interiors. Incy do not ship outside of Australia due to the obscene shipping costs, so previously it was impossible to own one of their beautiful cots or beds unless you were Australian! And I really wanted to own one. The Eden bed is basically my dream children's bed. I looked into getting one for my eldest daughter but soon came up against the shipping barrier. So I thought, why not start importing them? It seemed like the most natural progression for Cottage Toys to expand into interiors.

We have been the sole supplier of Incy Interiors over here for the past three years now and the brand is going from strength to strength. There really is nothing out there like it when it comes to quality and style, making Incy Interiors something to be desired. 

Incy Interiors is available to shop onsite and pre-order is recommended to avoid disappointment, especially when it comes to a cot bed, with your due date fast approaching. All furniture is made to order so there is often none left in stock when each new shipment arrives! 




Frequently asked questions:

Can you convert the cot to a toddler bed? Yes we now supply conversion kits so you can convert the cot into a toddler bed. These are sold separately onsite. 

Is the rose gold really rose gold, or is it gold/copper? Yes the rose gold finish is real rose gold. It's a unique, non-toxic and tarnish free formula, that is not replicated by any other brand. We have a video on the product page that shows the cot finish perfectly. The above image is also a pretty good likeness. 

Do you have a showroom, where can we see the cot? Unfortunately we don't have a showroom but you are welcome to visit our warehouse in Croydon where we can show you one of the cot or bed panels for your to see the finish and quality, which (you have our word on this) is exceptional. Please just drop us an email to arrange. If we have stock you can purchase and take one away on the day. 

Can you recommend a mattress for the cot? Yes we recommend Boori, they have a cot bed mattress that is the exact size required  132 x 70 cm. They in fact have a couple at different price points in this size, depending on your budget. From experience any standard cot bed size mattress will work however. 

What size mattress does the bed take? The single beds take a standard UK single mattress. 

Will I have to assemble my order when it arrives? Our items do come flat packed, but don't worry, they are really easy to assemble. All items will come with a simple set of instructions. If these for some reason are not included, or you accidentally throw them away, we can send you a PDF replacement. 

What happens if my item arrives damaged? In the very unlikely event that you are not happy with your product, as long as you inform us within 14 days of receipt, we will work with you to rectify the problem. Simply send us images of the damage and we will look into the quickest and simplest way of getting things sorted for you. 

Where is Incy manufactured? Incy Interiors is the result of careful and meticulous handiwork from the Incy family, basked in Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia. Incy has a strong focus on family and a strong focus on sustainability. As do we. Workers are cared for and respected and all manufacturing processes are sustainable and environmentally conscious. Together this creates the authentic Incy Interiors we know and love. 

Does the rose gold tarnish or scratch easily? No, it's a special formula that does not tarnish, even over time. It is also not easy to scratch, but of course, nothing is in-destructible.

What age does the cot go up to? This is a difficult question. It all depends on the child and when they are ready to move into a big bed. We would suggest that they are still comfortable for age 5+. 

What age would you recommend that the beds are suitable from? Due to their clever two height mattress setting you could easily move your child into the bed from a toddler. (The idea behind this is that it then frees up the cot for baby #2.) The lower setting allows you to have the mattress close to the floor at 10 cm  (just like a toddler bed) making the transition safe and easy. Then once your child is settled and ready you can move the mattress up to standard height. 

How long is delivery? If the product is showing in stock delivery on average takes 7-10 working days. For London locations this is often quicker, but not always! We work with a specialist courier and have to fit around their schedule.  Outside of the M25 we use a different courier who collects from us once a week.

If an item is not in stock you can select the option to pre order. Your items will then be allocated from our next container. The estimated delivery time will be indicated on the product page next to the pre order button. Once the container has arrived all deliveries will be arranged via our designated courier. Your order will arrive within 7-10 working days from here. If you have a specific day you would like to accept delivery please let us know and we will see what we can do. 

Do you ship overseas? Yes. If you email us your address we can get you an exact shipping quote. On average shipping into Europe is around £70-80. We also allow collection from our warehouse if you want to organise your own shipping. We often do this for countries such as Dubai. If you pop us an email we can give you the shipping measurements for you to get a quote. 

Do you offer a payment plan? Unfortunately we don't offer a specific payment plan. However we do have the option of Paypal credit. This is interest free to use for anyone that has a paypal account and means you can spread the cost over four months. It is really easy to use, just select to pay by paypal at checkout, then select paypal credit. The total order value is then divided into four equal monthly payments, taken from your registered paypal bank account. We also accept all major credit cards, apart from American Express.