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SeeYa Suitcase Olli Ella


Seeya suitcase Olli Ella, finally a chic wheely bag for children. The Seeya Suitcase is beautifully designed for adventure and travel, with a touch of sophistication for children of all ages. Perfect for a weekend away or long haul, the Olli Ella See Ya suitcase is ideal as cabin baggage (fitting into the overhead locker) to be wheeled from gate to gate, stations, or around the garden! The perfect size for children to store favourite toys and books, snacks and clothing. And because they are just so beautiful, you can use them at home for storage in a playroom or bedroom. 

Each Seeya suitcase has a retractable handle, as well as a smaller case handle, so it can be both wheeled and carried. It's super sturdy too, to withstand extensive travel and adventure. Additional special details include an elastic band strap around the case that is the perfect position for a favourite teddy! 

The Olli Ella Seeya Suitcase comes in rose, mustart, mind or rust. 

Size: 40 (with handle 67 cm) x 27 x 17 cm 

1.5 kg