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Songs For Our Sons, Ruth Doyle

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Songs for our sons, by Ruth Doyle.

What do we wish for a new life? It can seem as though we breathe alongside first breaths, wondering at everything from eye colour to thereafter first steps. Yet what do we wish for the little person deep inside?

Songs for Our Sons is a poetic uproar of wishes, hopes, blessings and directions. Ruth Doyle urges infant life to ‘be a nature- explorer,/ a wonder-discoverer’ and thereafter to ‘Hear the rhythms the rain makes: birds singing as day breaks’. Yet there are more personal wishes too, including to ‘let the light that’s inside you,/ guide you along’. Furthermore, remember that ‘your feelings are real‘ that ‘Your true power and value/ can’t be measured by size/ So don’t judge or be judged by/ whats seen with the eyes.’ 

There is so much wisdom and meaning in the writer’s words, while Ashling Lindsay’s pictures soar with possibility and wonder.

Songs for Our Sons is intended to be read, treasured, shared and gifted. What a meaningful book for all generations.