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Great Pretenders Super Duper Tutu/Cape/Mask - Pink & Gold

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Great Pretenders Super Duper Tutu/Cape/Mask - Pink & Gold.

We adore this amazing 3 piece superhero set!! Your little one could become a superhero or a rock star, whatever their imagination brings!! 

This beautifully coloured design features a holographic cape lined for an elegant finish. There are star and lightning bolt accents on the skirt with a small piece of round felt to hold them securely to the tulle. The skirts have a peplum and two layers of tulle with a fantastic crinkle metallic bottom lining layer.

Double sided mask with a lightning bolt feature to match the set perfectly.  Little ones of all ages will just love to transform to superhero prowess and practice those superpowers!

Recommended age 4-6 years